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To minimize our waste, we use zero waste cutting techniques in our design process whenever possible. Historically, clothes makers and artisans always designed to minimize the amount of cloth thrown away; today, cloth is cheaper and designing to minimize excess fabric is time consuming and therefore more expensive. At Study, we practice zero waste, so we believe differently. We make our patterns to ensure the most effective use of fabric.

Inevitably, some designs do leave behind some fabric waste. That's where we get creative. We have collaborated with a few other Brooklyn based businesses to repurpose our scrap fabric.  The Weaving Hand weaves us new fabric from the scraps of the Twist Dress that we then make into a sweatshirt - with pockets!  Zero Waste Daniel helps us created a Rerolled Sweatshirt from the scraps of our Logo Sweatshirt. Any scraps that we are not able to repurpose and give a new life to, we recycle.