Making Fashion without Making Waste



Dr. Julian M. Allwood, author of Well Dressed? The Present & Future Sustainability of Clothing & Textiles in the UK, 
analyzes standard textile production—

"Of the total textile fibre produced, up to 65% is lost, post-consumer, to landfill, incineration or composting, 
 which represents between 400,000 and 700,000 tonnes per annum in the UK. Of this, at least 50% is said to be recyclable."  

To combat this horrific waste of textiles and to set an example in the fashion industry, 
Study NY utilizes sustainable techniques and materials. 

By adding transparency about our production process and educating consumers about the craft of making clothing, 
we hope consumers will begin to understand what is required of producing a well-made garment. 
Our goal is to remain conscious all the way through our production process.