Tank Suit - Charcoal

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Tank Suit - Charcoal

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Convertible tank jumpsuit. Can be worn loose as a tank or with the straps crossed as a halter.

Fabric: Charcoal is  100% organic cotton. Imported by Pickering in California.

Garment Manufacturing: Proudly cut and sewn in New York City's Garment District by a woman-owned company: 

M.L.J. Fashions: 135 West 36th, New York, NY 10018

Fit: Model measures 5'8", has 33-27-36 measurements.


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Our Sustainability Strategies

Designing to Reduce the Need to Consume: Many of our styles can be worn different ways: with the back open or closed, or as crops or dresses. The longevity and convertibility of our styles allows them to be worn in a variety of season with a variety of looks.  

Slow Fashion: Made for quality and longevity. Slow fashion encourages slower production schedules, fair wages, lower carbon footprints, and zero waste. Rather than quickly imitating runway trends, we add transparency and quality to our production methods. 

Production: Most of our clothes are cut and manufactured in NYC. We also collaborate with artisans in India, Peru and Mexico City. All laborers receive a living wage and proper work environments. We look carefully at our suppliers to make sure that our fabrics are coming from an ethical place.

Zero Waste: "Making fashion without making waste." Garments are designed so patterns waste no fabric after cutting. Some of our items are designed so there is barely any cutting.

Low Impact Dyes: The dyes used on our fabrics range from natural, plant/vegetable, environmentally friendly, procion low impact, and fiber reactive dyes. Study NY adheres to the Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production guidelines. 

Sustainable Fibers & Textiles: We use hemp, alpaca, organic cotton, and recycled materials in our garments. The organic cotton is grown by independent farms that are part of the Texas Organic Growers Marketing Coop. All cut & sew knits are produced domestically by family owned mills in North Carolina.