Most of our production is done right here in New York City. We have a long standing relationship with a female owned factory in the heart of the garment district called Valentine USA, Inc and recently started working with a factory called Button Down

Our studio space is in the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator. In addition to being a community of makers and designers, the BF+DA has a production lab where we manufacture some knitwear. It doesn't get much more locally made than producing just down the hallway from your studio space!

We also do some production at Opportunity Threads in North Carolina, near where we source the fabric for those particular styles. They produce our Twist Dress and we have them send all scrap fabric back to us so we can repurpose them into our Weaving Hand x Study NY Sweatshirt. Opportunity Threads recycles all other scraps back into the textile supply chain and is working on becoming a zero waste facility.

We have close relationships with all of our manufacturers, which allows us to verify that all of our workers are paid fairly and work in proper conditions. Having the majority of our production done in the New York City allows us to reduce transportation costs and limit harmful carbon emissions. We are in the production lab at the BF+DA everyday, and visit each of our factories in midtown at least once each week.