by Study NY

Tomorrow is Fashion Revolution Day when people involved in fashion industry are asked to tell us who is behind the clothes that we wear. Nowadays manufacturing is decoupled from the designing process, a situation that allowed Rana Plaza disaster to happen.  

STUDY NY believes in fair compensation of workers and ethical sourcing. Although we cut and manufacture all our clothes in NYC, we source our fabrics from everywhere.  Whenever we do this, we take time to ask our suppliers about their labor policies and conditions. Our Conversations in Craft project aims to keep an ongoing conversation around these topics. We’d like to introduce you today to the makers behind STUDY NY pieces. 

All of our designing is The sample room we've worked with for over 3 years is located on 36th Street & 6th Avenue in New York City's Garment District. They make 90% of our clothes and we are forever grateful to them for the great work they do. 

We encourage you to tag your favorite brand and ask #whomademyclothes by following these directions.